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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
i have survived
the semester is over. my grades are in. my attendance is up to date. my plant is watered. i can finally crash. i've been teaching 6 days a week for over a month. i should be rather sick - as it is, i'm just "under the weather." (major thanks to those out there praying for me and the students.) i never intended to stop posting. i just seemed in a bit of a fog for the past month.

on the end of course tests from the state, i was particularly pleased that the student with whom i've done quite a bit of individual instruction after school passed with the highest level. he was rather ecstatic and stated he'd never gotten that high before. i think he was the only student in any course to receive that high a score at the school.

most of the students have more than the allowable number of absenses. for those that passed, i wonder if they will be given credit. if not, next semester will look remarkably like this semester.

we had one student who was to graduate in december. i failed her. i volunteered to reteach everything on saturday and let her take the (slightly altered) final again. after four hours (9am - 1pm), she went ahead and took the final with a much more favorable result - 87 vs 34. i told her that this is how one should prepare for cumulative exams.

we had a christmas lunch gathering for faculty/staff at a local restaurant. it took forever. i did get a nice tie from my secret santa. i couldn't stay in the room when a colleague was prompted to sing a medley. i swear she was dying up there. i left and acted like i wanted some dessert.

i really want to go on vacation. i doubt i'll get to do much fun.

i'll try to go back and write about some of the craziness that has happened recently.

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